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BookFinds is your source for literary news, book reviews, industry updates and information on authors.

This site was born out of our obsession (and, some might say, addiction) with books and the world of publishing.

With over 30 years of experience collectively in the publishing industry as book dealers, independent publishers, freelance writers, literary publicists and booksellers, Bookfinds.com was a natural progression for us into the online book world.

We are dedicated to helping those who share our love of books.


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  1. To whom do I send the galleys for review of my latest book, “In the Shadow of the Wonder Wheel” It’s publication date is November 1, 2012.
    My previously published books include “Married Women Who Love Women” (Doubleday, and Routledge (second edition) and “A Writer’s Journey” (Gray Rabbit Publications).
    Thank you,
    Carren Strock
    718 375-8519 home
    917 m561-9144 cell

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