Big Books of the Week 9/12/16

Here is a quick peek at the Big Books releasing today. Are any of these on your To Be Read list?
Nutshell by Ian McEwan
McEwan’s take on Hamlet set in modern day London, narrated by an erudite fetus in (Ger)Trudy’s womb.
Jerusalem by Alan Moore
Famed graphic novelist Moore’s second prose novel is 1,300 pages and spans 1,000 years in the town of Northhampton, England.
Loner by Teddy Wayne
A lonely Harvard freshman doesn’t stand out and stalks a pretty coed is like The Social Network and Patricia Highsmith.
Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
An unplanned kiss and a novelist’s book affects two families for 50 years in Patchett’s familial saga.
Children of the New World by Alexander Weinstein
Frightening stories of the near future of how technology will affect our lives, best for fans of the tv show, Black Mirror.
Intimations by Alexandra Kleeman
A short story collection on life and death from the author of the brilliant debut novel, You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine.


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